Categorization: don’t you think it is necessary?

It is so annoying when I found that I couldn’t categorize my blogs. I did some search for the solutions. The best approach so far is to create one blog per one category and then email those blogs to the main one. Although it works, it lost integrity, consistency, and reliability.

Archive these stuff by date is fine, as long as I have a couple of posts. I know that I can search my blog fulltext. Yes! It adds some value but not as much useful. Frankly, as a human being, managing and organizing things is the representation of “civilization” by using the advancement of human mental and physical capacities. Otherwise, we might be just like those homeless dogs (you can see them everywhere in Thailand) looking for foods. No guarantee how long they will be starving.

Hmmm.. This may be another example of what we call the wayback evolution.


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