It’s nice to start blogging again…

I don’t know why I feel really intense to blog something on here. It might be because there’ve been a lot of things about blogs, wiki, and social network stuff going on around me since I came back for school.

In December 2003, I created this blog in order to provide be a forum among Thai information and library science profession. It was supposed to be in Thai language because my goal was for Thai people to update the view. I always think that I have an alternative chance to study abroad, although those people don’t pay me for study. I love Thailand, since I am, was, and will alway be, Thai, regardless of how long I’m going to stay in the US. However, it didn’t come through because of myself actually. Hopefully, here is another good trial.

Well, I did not stop contributing to my fellows in Thailand as you can follow me to and The later I was just recently added as a news contributor. Hmm… It sounds interesting, isn’t it? But I don’t think I could keep myself consistent over the long period of time. But nothing to lose.

Let back to the blog’s business. I have just changed my mind to change this blog to personal expression on issues related to my interests. Hopefully, it would mean something, at least for myself.

Stay tune…


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