Balance in information society

The foundation of so called information science field seems to be basically on the continuum where the first end is machine and the other human side. The information itself is somewhat between the middle.

*note: this philosophy is somewhat different from SILS@UNC-CH’s one (actually it’s Dr.Wildemuth’s concept) which those three components ,machine – technology, people, and information, are illustrated in venn diagram. I saw it on the orientation day.

Information retrieval is kinda on machine end (e.g. search engine development). Human Computer Interaction, information architecture, and metadata management are the examplars of somewhere in the middle of the line. While information literacy is somewhat on the human end.

The ideal information society should be somewhere balance all of those? Or Extremely developed in every end? Do we really have ideal society? Or just go where it goes because the real thing is that the information society is largely driven by business, not the whole society itself.


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