Centennial Celebration of National Library of Thailand

Today is the 100th birthday of National Library of Thailand.


Why is it so quiet? No activity? Why don’t they give this chance to promote or do something? Don’t tell me that Book Fair is a part of the celebration…

Bangkok Post released the news about how financially hard time the NLT has had over the period of time.

I don’t impressive with the news and the director’s dialogue about the budget. It’s true that the government has by pass the SUSTAINABLE development of libraries for a while.

However, the government, time after time, is not the only one to blame. The NLT itself has to share this responsibility. The missing keyword of the NLT is “LEADERSHIP”.

It is also hard time for us as citizen as well to see what NLT have done so far to prove their capability to be a leader in LIS field in Thailand. Money is not the only resource for developing the libraries. Also the reading room is not the only focus of NLT roles. There are a lot more out there that need to be, at least, glimpsed on, e.g. standardization, collection development, and professional issues.

I believe that the collection in the libraries has been updated so far. Their collections, I think, are one of the most up-to-date collection in the country. But what make the image of NLT so dim and misery. As far as I’ve known, NLT doesn’t pay for resource acquisition, why money matters?

NLT should have the best strategies in collection development and management, both theorical and practical standards. For example, the poor implementation of ISBN, penalty fee for not register for ISBN is somewhat about 20 Baht(approx. 50 cent) per copies, is one of the major issue that make publishers/authors not to submit their resources for registration.

The information technology is so far behind other institution. Human resource is one of the major issues effecting all other around the NLT.

100 Years is so impressive in that way that how do they survive until now.

Is it now the time to revolution? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not the matter of architectural appropriateness.

It’s about the National Knowledge Repository.


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