Interdisciplinary and publishing industry.

I made two points in my research question class. Coincidently, I found Why We Need Institutional Repositories article from Creative Librarian. Here is are my two points

Firstly, I observed the inter- aspect of interdisciplinary. What field you folks think it is real solid field? Except Physics, Chemisty, and Biology, I don’t know any other fields are 100% solid science that doesn’t need interdisciplinary aspect of science.

It seems likely that all kind of science is standing on the same plate, but different points, and yet they’re all interdisciplinary. But the level of mixing may be varied depending on level of confidence. One people represents one point in his/her field as well as in the universe. Even medicine is thought to be comprised of chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, art, and such.

The collaboration work with persons across the field is not just the matter of creating new area but confirming his/her own point of position in the field. Society is dynamic driven. People as well are dynamic and need to step forward. And the way they shift, maybe forward, backward, or sideward, is the movement of interdisciplinary. How far is the step is how far is the crossing area between those fields. And collabaration with people from other field is the way to increase the confidence in their positions.

Secondly, since all kind of science has been moving into interdisciplinary perspective, it could significantly affect the scholarly communication. In addition, the role of open access has been increasing so far. The institutional repository will play more roles in modern publishing industry rather than traditional publications which quality much rely on sources (pretty much Journal title). The review process and practice may be not significantly changed, but rather pull more collaborative work as well.

(My second thought is more clearer that in the class, after I found that the keyword I want to say is about “institutional repository”.)


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