Press & Government

There have been a lot of tensions in the fight between press and government for a while. In particular, the current PM filed the two cases against one big media company for one billion baht.

Here comes another case in Korea. The regulation says in order to process the correction, one could not send the official application until the press has been published.

Thinking neutrally, the manner is two-sided sword. Yes! it definitely hinder the effectiveness of publication industry. However, on the other hand, if there are tons of paper/press submitted to the Commission everyday, how is it going to reduce its bureaucracy if there are tons of never ending correction-needed papers waiting. Also, it is the way to remind the writer/creator/report/author to be careful with their works before getting published. I am usually annoyed when I found misspelling in the press. Press has enormously influence in every level of population. Well… somehow literacy may not be only the ability of read and write. Accuracy may be a major part of it.

The notion of government inspecting the press is another contraversies in this “OPEN” society. The freedom of press may not be highly promoted, but don’t we need disciplinary?



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