This may be off the topic here. But the recording is kinda bit weird for me.

It is the recording of the 911 report of Taheri-azar, a guy who made crashes at the pit. It seems to me that the the police does not realize how importance or how serious the event is. I know that the police tried to be calm in this all events. But asking his lastname three times could turn into different way. The police also tried to get his name as correct as possible while he’s typing. I don’t know what to say. But for me, it’s somewhat scary in the sense that if there’s a mass crime and the criminal reports calmly like this. How quickly could the police respond to the report?… It’s tricky, isn’t it?

Well that could lead to the discussion of reference service how the profession should conduct skillful service as well. One day the reference service as a public common could be a place where a murder call and report instead of 911.. (I know it’s totally weird, but that doesn’t mean there is no possibility.)


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