Bookmark System for Physical Books at TCDC

Bookmark@TCDCWhen we talk about bookmark, we usually think about or similar virtual bookmark service for online information. What about bookmark system for physical book?

TCDC Resource Center is a reference design library located in Bangkok. All collections are reference, not allowed to circulate. To help users remembering what they have read so far, TCDC developed a bookmark system to help them.

The system will link between physical bookmark and virtual bookmark by barcode. A user can request for bookmarks at the reference desk. The bookmark will be registered with user’s ID. Once they finish reading, they will leave the bookmark in a book and leave the book in the book bin. Once the book is checked for in-house use. Library staff will collect bookmark ID, book ID (RFID), and page number where the bookmark is found.

Users can track their previous readings and later comment on the whole book or even particular page. At the moment, the 2.0 concept has not been implemented. However, I hope the next version should allow members to be able to share their comments toward page level. That means this is go beyond FRBR schema. However, these comments could be summarized as in different layers of FRBR scope.

I think this is a good combination between physical and online environment where we still believe that prints are still playing significant roles in publishing and information consumption. I am not sure how this model could work well in circulated libraries. This system could be applied for personal information management applications.


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