Just came across this today from library stuff blog, Suggestica.

“[w]e bring the best suggestions (books, audio, video) from Trusted Authorities in various disciplines. Choice overload? Not anymore.”

I think it is interesting in a couple of ways. First, I think it works like “book reviews by celebrities”. In scholarly communication, book reviews are pretty much common. However, the reviews can result positive and negative feedback. However, Suggestica offer books (or medias) with possitive feedback by famous people. This is also another good sources for acquisition librarians to select the resources for their libraries.

Anyway, they referred that market research categorize readers’ selection behaviors, including browsers, trackers, analyzers, seekers. And they believe that the seekers (following trusted authorities) are more successful. I think it is conceivable.

I understand that the link to Amazon is useful. However, it bring the question about trustworthiness of the site, since it looks more commercialized than informative. Well, it’s not a big deal for me.

Overall, I wonder how successfull it is going to be? and for how long? since I don’t see much 2.0 element on this website as it looks like.



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