Why I keep hiding mini feed on Facebook?

Although I have my profile on Facebook, I occasionally check and update my profile. To have my profile on there, it does not mean I already dedicate my privacy to my friends and my community online. On the other hand, to protect my privacy, it does not mean I cannot have my identity somewhere virtually. So what is my privacy actually? What am I protecting now?

In face to face relationship, I do have friends, not too many. I like have small close friends, rather than large group of known persons. Do I tell everything about my life to all of my close friends? Hmmm, I guess not. They know me, but they do not need to know every single piece of me… why? because friendship does not always begin with background checking. So as romantic relationship, isn’t it?

Multidimension is an attribute of all kind of relationship. Maintaining the thickness (or thinness) of relationship is the art of living and surviving. Even as a celebrity, s/he has thin privacy protection line, his/her life still has dark (or at least gray) side somewhere as his/her valuable assets.

“None of my business” is as important as “none of your business”. I do not want my logs to be shown. Neither do I want to know other logs. Facebook’s mini feed is another step toward decreasing multidimension of life.

Privacy is my asset. It is my “copy” right to reveal or conceal. No one has a right to make a copy and distribute it until I allow to. I should be able to control it, right? Turrell made a good point about privacy is broken when he know whom I maintain (or ruin) relationship with.

Typically, people protect their privacy because they are afriad someone will take advantage of acknowledging their information about themselves.

I know my post will be similar to thousands of post virtually. Maybe there are ten people writing their blogs about the same thing that I am writing. But it might be a good thing to help the Facebook folks to know what we think.

Although I believe in Thai metaphor saying “there is no secret existing in the world”. However, I also believe that “there is no absolute celebrity in the world” as well.

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