Optimistic Thais and the coup

neophyte posted highlights on jokes and gags about the coup on Pantip.com (Lumpini forum), at least to show how some of Thais think about the situation.

Here are some of post title listed in that forum. Most of them are question-based posts. I translated only the one that would make sense to outsiders:

Most of the discussions were about how they get close to the tanks and talk with the soldiers. They said at the government house, it was just like a festival. This is reflective from Thai Internet users regarding the optimistic perspective and encouragement which may somewhat support the latest poll result from Suandusit Poll, one of the biggest poll agencies in the country.

The poll used an interviewing survey of 2,019 Thais (43% from Bangkok). About 84% agreed with the coup d’etat. About 75% believed the coup would solve the political turmoil. There are no significant differences of the opinions between Bangkokians and those who live outside Bangkok.


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