Do we have a global censorship? I guess so now…

In the earlier post, I mentioned about information filtering during the coup with some examples of the news from international reporters that will (and should) not appear on local medias. Well now they heard the voices from those international reporters with some serious concerns.

The CDRM also warned they would “retaliate” against foreign media they said had insulted the revered monarchy in reporting their coup, a junta spokesman said.

At today’s meeting top military leaders asked the foreign ministry to urgently retaliate against foreign reporters whose coverage has been deemed insulting to the monarchy,” deputy spokesman Major General Thaweep Netniyan told reporters.

Insulting the king is a serious criminal offense in Thailand, punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

[Source: The Nation – September 23, 2006]

Alright, for those reporters from giant news agencies like CNN, BBC, Reuters, APS, AFP, etc. that have reporters locally in Thailand, this regulation would be more valid and applicable. What about thousands of individual bloggers (and journalism bloggers) who can criticize the monarchy from their desks in their houses around the world (without being in Thailand)?

This is very challenging to control. You can nows make a news piece and write an opinion from anywhere in the world. It truly proves the effect of the emergence of the Internet and globalization.

Again, controlling the mainstream medias now does not mean they absolutely have all flows of information on hand.

This is an additional piece to inform. The reform council now bans all kinds of eavesdropping.

“Previously wiretapping was legal only for police who obtained a court order or for the nation’s intelligence agencies.” [Source: The Nation – September 23, 2006].

Also there has been an unanswered question whether or not they already caught the wiretapping by the former government. [Note: The biggest cellphone operator in Thailand used to be owned by Thaksin Shinawatra.]

Hey, US FBI… I have warned you!!! I know what are you doing… I guess they talked to you too…

3 responses to “Do we have a global censorship? I guess so now…

  1. What a great point — to who does the warning extend; what is foreign media? Are independent bloggers exempt, and if so, because of non-affiliation with a media “company” or were they just forgotten (or simply, not considered such wide, credible, or useful modes of dissemination — hence, selectively “forgotten.”

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