ID Please!

I’m not a loyal customer of nightlife commons where you are usually asked for identity check. To drink alcohol, you also need to prove that you are legal to purchase…  What about for the academic library?

Today, Daily Tar Heel covers the late-night observation in the Undergraduate Library during the midterm period.  The photos in printed edition (on page 4) shows the security personnel checking students’s IDs.  We all have learned that library is one of the public places for people to have relationships (from emotionally to physically).  One of the evidences is from a book called “The Romances of Libraries“.  The feature also points out the extreme scenarios: streaking and porn-viewing. 

A number of academic libraries in Thailand where they charges external users for entrance fee, require ID of every single visit.  In many libraries (including some school libraries), IDs also tie with the library doors.  ID is not only primarily use for collecting library visits data, but protecting outsiders to get in. 

In these days whether you go out for fun or study, your identity is essential to carry out.  I know it is not that hard to just put your identity card in a pocket and carry it around, but…

Is there anywhere in the world that we can independently survive without showing an ID?  Not anymore I guess…



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