Social Networking with Blogs

Sometimes as being a blogger, you might want to know who are your readers, not only those who are usually show up by commenting.  Also you may be the one who usually be passive blog readers.  In Bloglines, you also could share what you have read (well you could include what you have wrote as well, intentionally).

MyBlogLog is the social networking of bloggers by trying to make the relationships among bloggers and between blog and its readers and among blogs (as community locality) explicit.  You can also find friends and what communities they are participating.  On the other side, you can also who are the members of each community (including yours).  You can also have a widget installed on your blog showing your blog readers (as members of your community) which one may find it’s..

“an awkward side to MyBlogLog, too: If you’re a MyBlogLog user, and you visit a site, and if the blog publisher has installed the right MyBlogLog widget, your face and name appears in the widget. I was surfing around the Web and visited a site I’d never been to, and pow there’s my face on the site. That was weird — it made me wish I hadn’t set up my profile with my real name or my picture.”

[Through CNET News]



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