Be Real! Bloggers

China wants to control the blog communities by registering all bloggers in the country. They are working on developing a national blogging system where bloggers need to use their real name in registration but are allowed to use pseudonyms for posting.

This is not a totally new idea for online community. Identity checking seems to be everywhere online regardless of original countries where the system is developed. Many online activities, including registration, are at least tied to our email addresses.  Though one can fake, they can still trace where you access their email at least.  Having many email addresses is just like having many identities on those social networking sites.

We all know that information, even in online environment, has been highly monitored in China,  as one can suspect from any nations with low level of democratic passion. However, monitoring only may not be effective in controlling flow of information. They may need to control over the censorship as well. The system has to be competitive enough to attract bloggers to use their own system rather than other internationally born system.

Using their real identity for online activities is not something surprising idea in democracy world, isn’t it? For example,, Thailand’s largest online community, also require National Citizen ID number (for foreigner, you need to send a photocopy of passport) for registration. It is claimed that to assured the capability to monitor and tracability. Also they are implementing passing card, temporary login, which is tied to your email address for registration. This recent monitoring procedure is set up as they claim for security reason after there have been a lot of pressure from the government and officer. At the moment, Rajdumnern forum (political group), though opened, is restricted to members only to be able to participate in that forum.

Well from this aspect, could you tell whose democracy is stronger and more developed between Thailand and China?

[via The Nation]


4 responses to “Be Real! Bloggers

  1. แน่นอนที่ปท.ไทยพัฒนาไปหลายขุม แต่สิ่งที่พวกเราทุกคนจำเป็นต้องระลึกก็คือเราอยู่ในขุมนี้นานไปแล้ว นานกันเป็น 30 กว่าปีแล้ว


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