Nail it, Aussie Idols

Australian IdolInto the Idolsphere, Australian Idol is my favorite. (Sorry Americans) I’ve been a fan of the show since the first season. My favorite is still the first idol, Guy Sebastian [Climb every mountain, Angel brought me here]. For the later two seasons, the ones I rooted for were the first runners up, Anthony Callea from season 2 [The prayer] and Emily William from the last season [All the way, I’m every woman, Emotion].

For me, not only the more talents, but also the music arrangement and live performance makes the show more interesting and fun to watch. Also you can see how diverse the Australian population from the show. Sometimes the rich diversity make a contestant controversial as not being a real aussie… (-_-“)

This year, only one girl survives in the talent pool among other three male final contestants. She is Jessica Mauboy, a seventeen Indonesian-root girl from Darwin, Northern Territory, who already own two touchdowns (another uniqueness of the show from Mark, one of the judges which I think it calls a good attention and makes the judges’ comments stronger). She somewhat reminds me of Lisa Tucker from American Idol season 5, a young singer who was overshadowed by big voice and big songs. Jessica came to the audition with the big song, Whitney’s I have nothing… (again)…

Here is one of Jessica’s touchdown performance, Christina’s Beautiful.

Here are other touchdown performances of the show:

You can also watch the video from the official website (I still don’t understand why people don’t use youtube instead of hosting their own streaming video files).

This year, the Aussie idol allows the contestants to use instrument. On the final seven round, using instrument is the theme of that week. It’s kind of cool. Anyway, my prediction of the winner would go to Dean Geyer (at least he will stay in the final two).
Overall, I would like to thank youtube and its community so much for being such an excellent media. I could still watch the old seasons and keep updating the current seasons…

4 responses to “Nail it, Aussie Idols

  1. เออ วันธิง! ชอบเจ๊กายเหมือนกัน คริคริถ้าเพลงนะชอบชุดแรกแต่ถ้า look ชอบชุดหลังๆ เพราะสมัยหัวฟูมันดู fakeๆ แบบทำเป็น breake da rules อะไรฟีลนั้น ม่ะค่อยชอบน่ะ แต่ตะกี๊เข้าไปเว็บล่าสุด โอ้ เท่ห์


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