Thai-Westerner Couples Have Less Social Capital

The study done by a researcher team at Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University says that marrying foreigners make Northeastern Thai society change.

Thai-westerner marriage is also a blame for less family participation, community activities and interaction with neighbours due to cultural and language barriers.

[F]oreign son-in-laws had caused the community-oriented Northeasterners to become the more individualistic and give less attention to social interaction.

Interestingly, the marriage affects how people eat and concerns about traditional holidays. It also influences other family members’ views on choosing their partners.

For those foreigners who are interested in Thai girls, this might be interesting figures for you.

[M]ost Northeastern Thai women married to foreigners were over 30, with an average age of 35, and had education below secondary level. More than 70 per cent had previously wed and divorced Thai husbands and most had one child from the first marriage.

The average age of farang husbands was 50, and most came from Germany, Britain and Scandinavia. A fourth of those over 60 had brought their retirement funds to settle down with Thai wives who took care of them.

With a special note:

[M]ost of their wives didn’t know their husband’s work or educational background. The wives were mainly interested in whether their husbands had enough money to support the family.

Some women agreed to marry foreigners they had never met before the wedding day as they felt that if the man had money.

Note: “Farang” is a word usually used to call caucasians.

[via The Nation]



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