No Budget For OLPC in 2007

$100 Laptop PrototypeIn the four-billion-baht budget approved for Ministry of ICT, there is no allocation for computer acquisition project including One Laptop Per Child, said Dr.Sitthichai, a current Thai ICT minister. He gave the reasons that computer acquisition project need attentions and should be based on “reality”. (I’m not quite sure what he meant by “reality”.)

For the policy to provide computer access and teach literacy to Thai children, it needs to be developed slowly and thoroughly (Note: my own interpretation).

In the same news in Thairath, he just brought representatives from Microsoft (Thailand) to meet prime minister, deputy prime minister and finance minister. The representatives from Microsoft offered IT supports and help to develop e-government.

[via Thairath]

[See other photos of $100 laptop prototype at OLPC wiki.; via Boing Boing and CNET]


2 responses to “No Budget For OLPC in 2007

  1. โตเข้าไปใส่ข่าวนี้ที่ blognone ได้ป่ะ? ไหนๆตอนนี้ก็มีแต่ข่าวของลุง”โพใคร”? อยู่แล้วน่ะ ล่าสุดเห็นคนเอาข่าว OLPC ตัว test มาถึงออฟฟิสไรนั่นมาลงแล้ว ยิ่งรู้สึกแบบ…

    หมั่นอิจ…อ้ะ อยากให้คนอื่นกระตือเรื่องนี้ผสมโรงไปด้วยซะเลย


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