Official Reasons for The Coup

Council for National Security, previously the military coup, issued a white paper explaining why it toppled the Thaksin government.

The Nation is unofficially translating the white paper.  The white paper lists main events leading to the reform including:

Corruption and conflict of interests

  • Transformation of mobile phone concession fee to excise tax
  • Giving investment incentive to satellite business
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport construction and purchase of CTX bomb scanners
  • Airport link rail transit system
  • State enterprise privatisation
  • Public TV intervention

Abuse of power

  • Appointments of relatives and close aides to senior government posts
  • Budget processing without Parliament’s approval
  • Abusing international trade negotiations for personal benefit (Exim Bank loaning programme)
  • Abusing legal power to investigate assets of government opponents

Government leaders’ ethical and moral offences

  • Selling satellite and TV concessions to foreign countries
  • Trading of stocks among family members without paying tax

Intervention in constitutional investigation system

  • Influencing the Senate’s appointments of independent organisations’ members
  • Intervention in the appointments of the Election Commission members, Constitution Court judges, members of the National Counter Corruption Commission and the Auditor General

Right violations as a result of wrong policy implementation

  • Extrajudicial killings of many drug suspects
  • Failure to solve violence in the deep South

Public disunity and confrontation

  • Blocking access to information by those wanting to investigate the government and the prime minister
  • Setting up supporters’ groups to confront government opponents

Attempted solutions under democratic system

  • Peaceful anti-government rallies
  • Solutions proposed by respected figures
  • Courts’ roles (Constitution Court’s invalidation of the April 2, 2006 election date and the Criminal Court’s ruling that held the Election Commission guilty of malfeasance by approving such an election date)
  • His Majesty the King’s speech to Supreme Administrative Court and Supreme Court judges on April 25, 2006

The translation of the whole report is still updating, check it out at The Nation sites.



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