Asian Brides on the Net

Dr Romyen Kosaikanont, a Thai researcher at Women’s Studies Center at Chiang Mai University, did a study on “Women in Southeast Asia: Internet-order brides“. She did investigate crosscultural matmaking websites and analyzed people’s profiles on those websites. [I could not find the original paper. Thus, I do not know exactly the methodology and sample size.]

Here is what I found very interesting:

Women from Thailand and the Philippines are the most popular among Western men seeking an Asian wife.

The first website told me to reduce my weight by about 10 kilograms and also suggested I retouch my photo.

Most sites offering brides were often [claimed that they are] operated by Thai-women-and-Western-men couples who claimed to have found happiness in cross-cultural marriage and wanted to help others achieve the same.

In profiles, male clients would explain what they wanted from a bride while Thai women would discuss what they were like rather than what they wanted from a man

She also found that those matchmakers portray Thai men to be “very promiscuous – often having more than one wife. Not good husband material” and Western women to be “emancipated“.

Therefore, she nicely asserted that “[i]t was a match of lost femininity in the West against an economic and social upgrade for Asian women.

[via The Nation]



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