Blogosphere in Asia

Microsoft released a report on Blogging Asia: A Windows Live Report. The study conducted online of more than 25,000 MSN portal visitors, launched August this year, in seven countries including Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Here are the key findings that I found interesting:

  • 74% find blogs by friends and family to be most interesting; seconded by work colleagues
  • Young people and women dominate (except India where it is overwhelmingly a male domain and Korea where blogging is a part of everyday life for all)
  • 50% believe blog content to be as trustworthy as traditional media. A quarter of respondents also believed
    blogs to be the quickest way to learn about news and current affairs.
  • 41% spend more than three hours a week blogging
  • More than 40% have less than 10 visitors per week
  • 53% chose to start a blog to share a diary or photo album with loved ones; seconded by work colleagues.
  • Politicians fared poorly across the region with only 14% interested in reading their blogs except in Malaysia where they were quite popular with 20% listing this type of blog as being of interest.
  • India stood out with half of all respondents showing a strong interest in business blogs, ranking them as the most interesting.
  • Their perception toward a good blog is (1) the one that is updated regularly and, (2) the one that is well written with eye catching pictures.
  • For them, the most annoying aspect of blog is they don’t know when the blog is update, boring content, and badly written entries. [Note: Could it assume that many Asian bloggers don’t know about web syndication? They might heard but don’t know how it works? They may know but don’t use it?]

[Via Smart Mobs and PR Newswire]



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