To Be Banned??

No, it is not my blog, I hope… I know that I’m on the edge someway somehow. Anyway, I am talking about the recent article in Asia Times wrote by Shawn W Crispin entitled Thailand’s monarch riding high.

It reflects His Majesty’s recent royal address as His Majesty refered politics as a boring issue. [Note: I don’t think boring politics and politics as a boring issue are equal. Please allow me for interpretation.] The article tries to sell the idea that the monarchy intervene the politics in Thailand. The last paragraph ends with provocative argument that

“There are growing indications that the soon-to-be drafted new charter will be written in a way that strengthens the monarchy’s status in Thailand’s next democratic incarnation, scheduled for late 2007.”

It also steps across the inside of royal business under the [perharps irrelevant] subsection topic “Toward national reconciliation”, especially the succession which reminds me of what Handley “imagine” in his book.



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