Characterizing a Thai Online Community: Cafe

I did a 9-page paper for JOMC490.004 Blogging, We the Media and Virtual Communities class. The paper is called Characterizing a Thai Online Community: Cafe. It is an introduction and a summary of some communal aspects of Cafe.

Feel free to comment…

[Edit (May 1, 2009): There seems to be a lot of errors in the paper.  So I pulled it off online.  Please contact me if you want to read it.  Apology for any inconvenience.]


2 responses to “Characterizing a Thai Online Community: Cafe

  1. Hi, your paper was historically great. May be that was your point to describe what happened in pantip. But you did tell why it did happen…. (except too much user). and don’t have much bias information like pantip. —–> this is not exactly comparable with pantip, but you get an idea na krub.

  2. Thanks, alwayslek. The paper was intended to summarize and introduce to those who never heard about Thai online community. There is nothing much new in the paper in terms of community characteristics, but yeah people would get some sense. However, this paper is based on my own observation, no rigorous method applies. Therefore, if you think I miss something else, please help me add them.

    Good point about wikipedia and digg! However, I think bias exists in any community. There is no such a neutral community no matter how big it is. The larger crowd mostly wins. It depends on, I think, what perspective are you standing on, nature of problem, and size of the community.


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