Toward Standard Attractiveness

We know that attractiveness brings advantages to life (for instance, Beauty and Professor and Simple Rules To Prevent Sexual Harassment for Men [in Thai]). I guess most of all of us agree that face is one of the most important indicators of attractiveness. Experimental psychologists at University of Aberdeen in Scotland conducted a series of studies on facial attractiveness. By using computer graphic techniques, including prototyping, transforming, caricaturing, and interactive demos, they create an average face based on face images of a number of people.

Combining with lifestyle and personal preference questionaires, so far, they found that the average page is more attractive in a number of perspectives.

Another similar kind of study is from Marquardt Beauty Analysis. This type of study is medical based finding “the perfect face” (apparently for the benefit of cosmetic surgery, I guess). The image below is the result of mathemetical computer model of the average “attractive” face.

The major different between these two studies is the first one reproduces the average face of every kind of face. The second one is the average of “attractive” face only. Moreover, It is interesting that the average face of the first study tend to prefer white (This is just my observation based on the previous study results). However, this study leads me to another crazy question. Based on the computer graphic techniques, what the real average face of everyone in the world would look like? Or even all asian men would be like? How far my face is from the average? Do I look average? above or below average? Ha Ha!

And if we believe that both research studies are reliable, why can’t we just use the standard with those beauty competition? It would be very easy to scientifically measure. One would argue, then, beauty have no artistic value anymore. Well, since the scientific studies are based on aesthetic “value”, can’t we count on that?

Hmm… what if everyone in the world is physically attractive?  Crazy me…


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