Is User Satisfaction Matter for Information System?

Another paper on a classic debate on the importance of user satisfaction on the success of information system.

Sabherwal, R., Jeyaraj, A., & Chowa, C. (2006). Information System Success: Individual and Organizational Determinants. Management Science, 52(12).

Based on empirical research conducted between 1980 and 2004, the study examines four aspects of information systems (IS) success: system quality, perceived usefulness, user satisfaction, and system use. The authors highlight the importance of system quality, which affects all other aspects of IS success. They also observe that system quality and perceived usefulness but, curiously, not user satisfaction, influence the extent to which the system is used. The study’s results suggest that system developers and managers should concentrate on developing better systems rather than focusing on increased user satisfaction with the system.

The analysis also suggests that four long-term measures related to information systems are particularly important: (1) IS training, (2) improving individuals’ attitudes toward information systems, (3) gaining top-management support for information systems, and (4) developing organizational structures that facilitate use of information systems, such as help desks and online user assistance.

[via EurekAlert]

One response to “Is User Satisfaction Matter for Information System?

  1. Hello:

    I just had a small discussion with a renowned professor in Thailand about the needs for use/user studies. He seemed to believe we can never satisfy users fully and saw no points of increasing user satisfaction. Perhaps, he had read this article…

    In many ways, his and the author’s point was well taken as it was apparently more an invincible feat to win over users’ hearts than their pockets (to stay on the job, to increase their pays or the chance thereof….)

    Anyhow, maybe this was because user satisfaction was interpreted and operationalized in a very narrow and limited manner. We get too used to being asked “do you like…,” “at which degree does this… satisfy you, ” and so on… The user satisfaction concept is not what use/user studies are all about… Usability, information architecture, information design get started with understanding the users, their environments, their organization, their likes-dislikes… These pieces of information are essential for a “great” information system, the one users use and can make use of….

    Thanks for this brain teaser. It helps brighten up my Monday… Monday Blues….


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