74.52% of Chinese Netizens Have Written or Read Blogs

According to “The China Internet Guide 2007 Report” done by the Internet Society of China, blog are the second most used internet service. 74.52% of Chinese Internet users said they have written or read blog in the past year.  I think that is a very high number.  I don’t know much about Chinese blogophere.  It would be interesting to see why the figure is that high.  However, if it includes the lurkers, that might make more sense.

The most popular service is obviously search engines, 94% of Internet users. Also the total spending on the Internet rose by nearly 50% to 276.7 billion yuan (US$34.6 billion). Baidu.com is the most profitable search engine, followed by Google and Yahoo.

[Source: ShanghaiDaily.com via Smart Mobs)


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