Thai High Schoolers More into Porn Than College Students..

Dr.Amornwich Nakornthap, director of Ramchitti Institute and PI of Child Watch research project, said that Thai students increasingly consume pornographic media.

The result indicates that 41% of high school students watch porn, while 30% of college kids do. The figures increased from last year about 2% and 3% respectively. The study found the correlation between watching pornography and drinking alcohol and having premature sex.

The data about time used is also noticeable. Thai students spend one-third of their daily lives with technology and media.

Primary-school students and teens are spending up to six or seven hours a day engrossed in their mobile phones, TVs, computers and other electronic gadgets.

The study results also show the average time(s) daily on particular activities:

  • an hour talking on the phone,
  • sending SMS twice,
  • downloading ringtones twice,
  • an hour using the Internet (including e-mail, chat, reading news, and search for information)
  • two hours listening to music,
  • two hours watching movies, and
  • two hours playing computer games

Dr.Amornwich only commented on the pessimistic sides of cyberspace. He said by being on cyberspace for many hours a day, students are risk from Alzheimer’s disease and addiction which could lead to drugs, alcohol, and cyber (and/or mobile) crimes.

[via The Nation, TRF News (in Thai), and Banmuang (in Thai)]

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