1/5 of Aussies are “potentially” cellphone addicts

Diana James, Ph.D. student, at Queensland University of Technology presented the preliminary result from her study, focusing on ” whether or not people are consuming mobile technology in a healthy manner.”

“Given that half the people surveyed were 25 or younger and on fairly low incomes, the amount they are spending is quite significant.”

  • 22% of these people considered themselves to be heavy or very heavy users.
  • They made 3.5 voice calls each day but sent 9 text messages on average.
  • They spent 1 hour a day on talk and 35 minutes of texting (Note: I think it’s a big number here at the texting.)
  • Interestingly enough, only 11% of phone time were used in relation to business.

Nothing may not be totally new, but it explains the replication all over the world.

[Source: EurekaAlert]



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