Bangkokians with Email and IM

Synovate, a marketing research company, reports the result from PAX study, from Q4 2005 to Q3 2006.  The study was initiated by Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions.  The study covers Asian-Pacific region, but I would like to highlight just the numbers on Thailand.

48% of its respondents in Bangkok used IM, comparing to 65% of the whole region.  55% used email.  However, the figure is still lower than the email usage rate of the whole region, accounted for 63%.

On average, Bangkokian spent more time chatting via IM, 99 minutes per day, than using email, 73 minutes daily.  Interestingly enough, folks in Jakarta spent time on IM the most, 113 minutes daily.

In overall, the report also points out that the majority of its respondents used IM and Email at home and work respectively.

Note that “PAX surveys the top 22% of the adult population aged 25-64”.  I’m not quite sure by “top 22%”.  Also by selecting age 25-64, the study apparently focuses only on working group, which makes more sense for commercial research.  However, the majority of tech users should probably be younger than that.

[See also: MTV shows IM dominating teen life online (Another interesting study done by Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions)]


One response to “Bangkokians with Email and IM

  1. I’m not sure that it is becaue Thailand cellelar phone rate is lower than other countries in this study or not. So people prefer the phone conversation over the email and IM or not. The other area could be the easy or difficult to type local language. Thai is more difficult than English. Not sure other language.

    However, I believe the source coming from same study, Thai people using in the high rangking compare to others.


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