WordPress Blocked in Thailand?

There have been a bunch of folks reporting that they could not access wordpress.com lately [See also Pantip.com, gooogolf, poakpong, mymoney]. Some suspected it was because of their internal networks. Some thought the poor speed from the ISPs caused the inaccessibility as it returned Error 404.  Myfreezer commented that when he used proxy.org to access the site, it was forwarded to ICT’s blocking announcement page. Although it has been told that they could already access now, Thai bloggers are still panic about being blocked.

The panic of “blog brother” has been around Thai bloggers since ICT ministry apparently blocked Youtube earlier this month. There are a couple of anti-junta government blogs hosted on wordpress.com, including hicomrade, and thinking in ink. FACT, Freedom Against Censorship Thailand, is also hosted on wordpress.com.

The last attempt to block the Internet is the pro-Thaksin website, hi-thaksin.net.  Manager Online, a media leader for anti-thaksin (apparently highly influence the government and political situation), has a feature on an “underground” website as its opponent’s website.  The article primarily sets an accusing tone that those ousted PM supporters use viral marketing on the Internet to spread out false information as propaganda, including the recent clip of an ousted PM.  (Apparently the clip has been censored by the government, even on Youtube.  However, the ICT ministry still refuses the claim as usual.)  The article attempts to reveal the component of the website as the ministry tries to do to block the site, including domain name, proxy, free online content hosting (in particular blog providers), and online video providers.

[Note that Hi-thaksin.net has an argumentative response to this article named “Response to Manager Onli(n)e” in Thai]

Although it seems likely that there is no highly correlation between hi-thaksin.net and other blogs, I hope none of the ISP is too sensitive about this.  Anyway, I am sure that they are aware of the power of blogs.

Keep your fingers crossed that it was just an “accident”.  Maybe wordpress had a downtime.

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