Luxury Tax on Internet Usage: Fool!

Most people talk about Google April Fool. However, I just found another one (and yeah I was fooled!). Interestingly, this piece has been picked up on Global Voices Online as a serious news quoting Stuart G Towns. I don’t know the intention of the contributor of GVO. If he did not see the last word and blog as it is a real news, that would be more interesting case of how blogger cite other sources.

In forum, someone named george posted a news called “New Luxury tax on internet usage in Thailand” describing Thai government has introduced an Internet tax for foreigners who do not hold a working permit and are retirees. Also the tax require all Internet users in Thailand to install a hardware dongle from CAT which is freely available at 7-11.

The most funniest quote for me is that…

Sombat Merou-Ruang, director of the Alien Internet Control Division at CAT headquarters in Bangkok says “foreigners that do not have work in Thailand only hang out on internet forums, visit pornographic sites and other website lamock, different from Thai citizens who mostly use the internet for banking, ecommerce, and furthering their education”.

Apparently, the news was spread out via email. In that context outside community forum, I think it could looked more real for people who got the mail, as the ICT ministry becomes more suspicious about the “unreasonable” acts about Internet in Thailand.

I hope this fool will not turn out to be real… who knows?


4 responses to “Luxury Tax on Internet Usage: Fool!

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  2. Thanks iteau for pointing this out. Well at GV we don’t post it as news but as what bloggers are talking about around the world. I read about this on couple of other Thai blogs and I was surely fooled. Must find this george guy the next time I am in Bankok and congratulate him on a well played out prank.

  3. Ha ha..

    I was totally fooled too. I started blogging about it in the way I was very angry about this as well. I tried to check with other Thai media and found nothing. Also something sounds totally off the ground for me. That’s why I decided to track down to the forum and found that it was an April fool. I was so glad that it is just a prank. Phew!

  4. Hello. Thanks for stopping by my website and for the quotes. And yes, it was a great April Fools prank. I thought it was real until towards the end of the article where it just got too outrageous to be true.

    This article really hit a nerve in the expat community in Thailand, because of all of the recent changes in laws that concern foreigners — everything from changes in visa rules to laws about ownership of property. It came across as being quite possible, given the current state of affairs

    Anyway, thank goodness it was just a joke. (But as many posters on ThaiVisa said, I hope the government doesn’t get any good ideas from this!)


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