‘Practice what you preach’, Voice from ICT

According to Manager Online, ICT minister once again commented Google’s Youtube not to “hold the pestle while the mouth utters Buddhist precepts” (Thai proverb as similar to “practice what you preach”, cited English and Thai Proverbs for Teaching). He also criticized that Youtube thinks about only the commercial benefit, threatening a small country. Comparing to Thailand, Google did followed China’s request immediately. If Thailand were a major powerful country, the website would have looked up with great respect.

In the same news, he also commented that the ICT ministry did not ask Pantip.com to shut down Rajdumnern. Instead, the owner of the website decided to shut it down citing the announcement of the ministry.

He said he was a scholar before.  Therefore, the last thing he would do is to break freedom of speech.

May be his last thing came too early!

[Source: Manager Online]



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