VT massacre: Seeking Information from Outsiders

Nope, I wasn’t there.  However, it is totally horrified and full of grief to hear about the terror at Virginia Tech this morning.  It sounds like everything happened randomly.  It could be us one day, who knows?  I, like others, always wonder what would I do if I were in that kind of situation.

Anyway, this text messaging transcripts between a VT student and her brother and mother, appeared on MSNBC’s Newsweek, remind me of a twist of Life in a Round when an outsider unusually becomes an information source of an insider in a critical moment.  It was similar when a number of my friends tried to contact me to turn on the TV and tell them the information about the Coup in Thailand when all medias were in control.

This student was trapped in a building near Norris Hall, the shooting location, hearing several shots.

blueiyed (10:37:35 AM): ug?
chiknman (10:37:10 AM): ey joke
chiknman (10:37:24 AM): day haha
chiknman (10:37:28 AM): snow day*
blueiyed (10:39:25 AM): i’m on lockdown under a desk right now..there’s been shootings on campus and 1 person has been killed and another injured

chiknman (10:38:54 AM): wtf?
chiknman (10:38:57 AM): at vt?
blueiyed (10:40:33 AM): yeh put cnn on
chiknman (10:39:07 AM): what the shit
blueiyed (10:40:51 AM): watch the news and tell me whats going on
chiknman (10:39:44 AM): they dont have it on there
chiknman (10:39:48 AM): ill check other stations
blueiyed (10:42:17 AM): ok its on the news tho i promise b/c drew was telling me then he had to go to class

I am pretty certain that a lot of people around that area had the same feeling with this student and tried to get information from outsiders.  Note the news reporter from MSNBC just said that the cellular network has been jammed.

[For a complete transcripts: Shock, Fear, and Confusion]

[For more information on the event: Google News, VT Official Site]


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