why blog preservation matters

I’m not a user of Yahoo 360 myself, nor having friends using it.  However, such termination of the service raises concerns for digital preservation in personal information management perspective.

From CNET: Yahoo 360 to close on July 13

Yahoo 360 was launched in March 2005. The site never became big in the United States and in October 2007, Yahoo decided to stop providing support for it.

However, in other countries, especially Vietnam, the site has been the most popular blogging portal. For this reason, Vietnamese users can migrate their Yahoo 360 content to Yahoo 360Plus, a product specifically made for the Vietnamese market that the company announced a year ago.

This is sad news for thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide, since for a lot of them the blogs posted on Yahoo 360 and the friends they have there are part of their lives. Yahoo recommends that Yahoo 360 users immediately move their blogs to their current Yahoo profile to save them and download their contacts onto a computer. There are also options to migrate blogs to other blogging sites.”

Of course, not all features can be moved or migrated (e.g. 360° friends, friend categories feature), besides presentation (i.e., skins or themes of the blog).  In addition, some content (i.e., mature content) could not be migrated to Yahoo profiles.  Users have to find other ways to keep their stuff.

Related link: Blogger Perception on Digital Preservation (not up-to-date)


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