OLPC Thailand Meets The Minister

Kamthorn exclusively reported on Blognone that the OLPC team in Thailand, led by Dr.Djitt Laowattana, met the ICT minister, Dr.Sitthichai today (Thailand time) to explain about the project and report the status.

Four major topics were reported: the background of the project and the status of OLPC in Thailand, specifications of hardware with demonstration, specifications of software, and the travel report when the team went to MIT.

The minister said the project was not clear in the previous government.  There was no budget allocation and recorded information.  Thus, he did not know anything about the project officially, except from media.  After the meeting, he thanked the team to give more information so he could see the overall picture of the project.  He said he see this project is beneficial and he will support the project.  However, he emphasized that he is not the only decision maker who can directly approve the project.  He is also willing to meet Professor Nicholas Negroponte when he comes to Thailand in December.

I think we now can see the smiles from OLPC team and hopefully on Thai kids’s faces in the near future.

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