Why Traditional Media Still Win…

A poll of 1,203 adults operated by Zogby International indicates that Americans chose to watch an old-fashioned TV evening news coverage rather than “citizen video” like YouTube by a 2-1 ratio.  However, about a quarter of 25 – 34 years old Americans are willing to watch video rather than news coverage.

In terms of news consumption, the major advantage of the TV news coverage is storytelling which is comprehensively combined combines different pieces together.  A single coverage can contain different perspectives.  The narration by reporters allows audiences to do something else rather than focusing on the TV.

By spending time “researching” themselves and “watching” the whole news, it takes more time and need a good deal of intention.  In addition, the gatekeeper functon of tradditional journalists, especially in information overload environment, still attracts news consumers.   In overall, that means the least effort theory still won the hearts of audiences.

Also I think people still recognize citizen videos as secondary/supplement source.  That means they would “browse” by watching and listening from the traditional media.  (I guess that’s the same reason why print version still works for newspaper.)  Then they can go to look more detail online.  Although serendipity can appear during search process, it does not usually happen intentionally .  I mean people still tend to search for what they know rather than search for what they do not if it is going to exist.  Therefore, people still think they might miss something by browsing online by themselves only.  Also due to the aspect of “mainstream”, people still do want to know what other people are into.

Also there is no such reciprocal relationship, in terms of intellectual property between TV clips and citizen videos.  What I mean is, at the present time, it’s quite easier to get citizen videos to be on TV than to put TV clips into citizen media.

Beside being real (live and unfiltered) and community driven (comments and such), one of the major advantages of citizen videos, in terms of news, is temporal aspect of interaction.  The videos are quickly uploaded and available.  Thus, they can be played at anytime.  In addition, due to the two-way interactivity, they can be played as many times as they want.

Anyway, I think we can see results of the convergence of both sectors in the near future.  In particular citizen media side, I would imagine such services will advance their compositions of storytelling.

Well this is not the answer, just my personal observation.

[via Cyberjournalist.net, The Mercury News]


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